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Thread: Chris Claiborne

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    Chris Claiborne

    I realize I'm brand new here and I'm posting topics already, but here's something I've been wondering about. It's about Chris Claiborne and his insistence to play MLB. It seems that he wants out of here if he's not playing the middle and as far as I know that's his best position. My thing is why not give him some extra cash and try him there? I completely trust him not only handling the position but the responsibilities in the huddle that come with it. I also realize he is an injury risk to put it nicely and will be asking for some dough. I figure with Hovan contract being off the books and with Claiborne knowing in the off season he'll be starting there he may put a little extra effort into work outs thus maybe eliminating nagging injuries?

    I know the time invested on EJ may then be wasted, but maybe not. Let's stick him back on special teams, almost a demotion and a wake up call. I think he's a liability right now and needs to be replaced because he's just not getting it. Andy Reid did the same to Jerimiah Trotter when he came back to Philly this year and it turned him into a Pro-Bowler in like half a season of starts.

    Just a thought, what do you guys think?

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    Chris Claiborne

    I agree, but I don't think our coaches are bright enough to think of something like that.

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    Chris Claiborne

    I agree Claiborne needs to be resigned. I also think he would be an upgrade over EJ in the middle. I think Claiborne would be one of the best players on this defense (along with Winfield and Kevin Williams) if he could only stay healthy.

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    Chris Claiborne

    He needs to show that he's durable enough to play MLB.

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    Chris Claiborne

    Something definitely needs to change and this just might be the way to go. From what I can tell, E.J. Henderson is never going to be a Pro-Bowl linebacker so why go throught the learning curve. In my opinion, the short term gain of putting Claiborne in the middle is better than keeping E.J. in there until he gets better.

    I don't know how much dough we'll save by letting Hovan (and hopefully Bennett) go, but I think its safe to say any money available and any high draft pick should be focused solely on our defence.
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