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    On the chopping block

    What veteran players ( Besides Ponder Steve) do you see on the chopping block that should be cut and replaced by a younger player?

    I think the team did a pretty good job of weeding out veterans in the offseason but as they trim the roster down to 53 there are bound to be a few surprise cuts that we didn't see coming.

    Who do you see as having the biggest chances to be get released?

    I am going to go out an a limb and put Simpson out there as a guy who gets upstaged by a younger player and gets released.

    I also think there could be a surprise in the FB/ TE camp with the number of guys we have on the roster and I could see either Carlson or Gerhart sent down the road to make room on the roster.

    I don't see KW as having to worry and I am not sure who else on the DL would be in Jeopardy. Maybe Robison would be a player that gets traded in order to build future draft picks and make room for Griffen to get more reps.

    Who are your picks?

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    On the chopping block

    I am guessing Carlson.

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    Gerhart, probably won't be able to sign him after this season, another team may want him as a starter and may pay him more money than we are willing.


    There are some DBs that may not make it, might come down to who is healthy and who is not.

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    Defensive Line is where we have the most competition with many young guys playing well. I would put Guion or Evans on the list of guys who could get cut.

    In the secondary the only somewhat veteran guy that I could see in the cut list are Raymond and Sherels. Although I'm not sure if they would qualify as surprises.

    I think Carlson is pretty safe for at least another year due to his contract and the cost of cutting him. He also played well Friday night and through training camp. If a trade were to come up, then I could see that happening.

    Toby will backup AD for another year. I don't think trade value is real high and the value to MN vs. his contract is pretty high IMO. May not be an exciting runner, but he can be a workhorse if needed, and I don't see anyone better on the roster.

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    I'm hoping Simpson.

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    I don't think anyone other than maybe some back-ups or special team guys will bet cut. Possibly a reserve LB will get cut to make room for Mauti or Hodges. Some of our reserve D-backs like Burton or Sherells might get axed with the arrival of Rhodes. It just doesn't seem like we've got any real clear cut bums on our current squad.

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    5 players returning from 2012 that could be cut

    5 Vikings Returning from 2012 That Could be Cut in 2013 - DraftSeason

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    I think there's zero chance Carlson is cut. The Vikings want to do a lot of two-TE stuff, and the next option is Rhett Ellison.

    If I had to pick some "vets" who might be in danger, I'd look at Audie Cole, Marcus Sherels, Brandon Burton, Joe Webb (unless they go for keeping only 2 QBs on the roster with Webb as the emergency 3rd - then it's MBT) and Desmond Bishop. That guy's gotta show something in the next couple of weeks.


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