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just so you guys know, its not our OFFENSE that got all of those 50 yard plays.
It counts our kickoff returns (which i believe we've had 5 or so 50+ yards), our interception returns (2? 50+ yards, idk), and then yea the rest are our passes & runs.

we've had like 2, maybe 3 60 passes to Rice, 1 to williamson, then the play by Fergy on Monday night.
The rest are taylor & peterson
On offense we have a long of 78 yds, 22 plays of plus 20 yds and
8 plays over 40 yards.

The 8 at plus 40 ranks us number 7 with the Colts and Lions.
Your stats are out-of-date, bubi.
Chester Taylor had an 84-yard TD run against the Niners.
gol 'darnit NFL.COM staff.
Maybe we need to send your staff over to teach them how to keep pooh like that current.

JK, I only sorted by passing stats my friend.
Ignore Purple Jesus at your peril.