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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    I felt the players just looked my prepared. IMO. I also like the fact Childress is not media friendly.

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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    "Del" wrote:
    That is nice and fuzzy on the outside but try running the ball 2 yards at a time when you are down 14 or 17 points.

    The game was within reach at all times. Our pourus defense last season made running the ball gol 'darnit near impossible. Because running the ball 30+ times for 2.8 yards a carry wore the skins down just enough at the very end of the game to get us 3 points.

    If your defense is giving up points hand over fist and your "wearing them down" not too many people are going to get excited about your team losing 31-3 your only field goal coming off a last minute field goal.

    Childress has to play more then one game for me to think he knows what he is doing, and Tice allready prooved he didnt have a clue, but the running game analogy doesn't work.
    Well I also think what made running the ball impossible last year was injuries to the o-line and running back corps, and some generally crappy o-line play.

    But in past years, when we had healthy backs like Onterrio Smith, Mewelde Moore, and even in 2003 when we were a top rushing offense, I just don't remember Tice really wearing a team down with the running game like Childress did last night, even if the game was close.
    The last time I really remember seeing that was when we had guys like Robert Smith and Terry Allen.

    Like snow said, I just think it was a nice change to see a coach stick with the running game even when it didn't yield immediate results.

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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    I have 2 other significant differences between Childress and Tice

    When was the last time you saw a team that well prepared on the road against a good team?
    Opening drive was a punch right to the gut of the Redskins.
    The final drive of the 1st half was significant.
    The drive from our own 3 yd line to midfield was huge.
    And of course the drive to win the game was great as well.
    Also the defense forcing 3 redzone FGs.
    Through all of this we were composed and efficient, a sign to me at our level of preparedness.

    Halftime adjustments.
    We found our running game mostly in the 2nd half and we cut out penalties in the 2nd half.
    As well as the defense giving up only 3 points in the 2nd half.

    Both of these were extremely rare under Tice.
    I'm not putting Childress in the Hall of Fame yet, but I like feeling that our team will be competitive in any and all games we play.
    In years past there were a handful of games every year that we KNEW the team would stuggle long before the opening kickoff.

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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    "cogitans" wrote:
    "Del" wrote:
    "cogitans" wrote:
    "Del" wrote:
    That was a little more aggressive then I intended.

    I just think it's easy to run the ball when your not far behind.

    That is all!
    So much for the better we got the west coast passing offense, and Brad knows how to complete. Also on 3rd and long, as he showed us last night.
    What was that?
    Maybe I misread you.

    I do agree with what you said. I just tried to comment that if we do have to pass because we are down, we showed last night that we can execute, also on 3rd and long.
    AH I see, it was close to the end of the work day I didnt understand what you were saying.

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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    how many more games on the road does childress have to win to pass up tice. 3 or 4

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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    31 rushes looks impressive until you see 88 yds.

    It is impressive that Childress stuck with the run at less than 3 ypc.
    Redskins rush defense was ranked 13th last year so 88yds might not be too bad. I mean an 88 yd. average in 16 games is only 1408 yds.!

    I did see some problems with back side containment in the first half, much like the pre season. But I didn't see it in the second half.

    I think we will run better if we get some quick openers ( getting Taylor to the line quicker ) and a few misdirection plays.I expect we will see a little more complexity to the running scheme in time.

    The only comment I will make regarding Tice and Childress is : coaching makes a huge difference and last night we appeared to have some coaching.
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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    A battle of this magnitude Tice or Childress. I am gonna go Childress
    1) short, angry,bastards always got something to prove
    2) Tice would try to stick to a gameplan it would just f--- up Childress follows through
    3) Tice stabbed himself witha pencil and put himself in the hospital
    I vote Childress

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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    It seems now the team has a killer instinct on defense. That hit Sharper laid down on Santana Moss in the end zone was prime.

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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    Lets wait until after we play a few games before we make a decision on this. The plus for Childress as that he does not have Moss, CC or Pepp anymore & we are competitive. That in itself says alot

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    Re: Childress vs Tice

    Tice: a guy that was put into the drivers seat as an interim HC to real HC too early in his career without working up through the ranks in the NFL.

    a guy that worked his way up through the ranks to the point where the next logical progression was HC.

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