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    Childress, Vikings limp into bye week

    [size=13pt]Childress, Vikings limp into bye week[/size]

    By John McMullen, NFL Contributing Editor

    (Sports Network) - Cheer up Vikings fans, your team isn't going to lose this week.

    Sure, they aren't playing, but when you are inventing new ways to lose each and every Sunday, the bye can be a tonic......

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    Re: Childress, Vikings limp into bye week

    Childress better seriously think about getting a new (and real) offensive coordinator next or he will take the fall. He needs to swallow his pride and accept that his offense is not working. This is the third straight year we have gone without a real offensive coordinator and it shows. I like everything Childress is doing, but do believe his offense is not working at a coaching level. I think the talent is there but is not utilized/coached properly.

    Well, my wife is glad it's the bye week
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