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    Childress says no to no-huddle offense

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    Re: Childress says no to no-huddle offense

    One way of injecting juice into a dormant offense is to go to a no-huddle attack, but Childress indicated that's not in the cards.

    "I think there is a spot for it at times," he said, "But I don't think everybody is set up to do that."
    He didn't exactly say that, his quote makes more sense than the headline.
    There are times to use it and I trust they will when those times arise.

    I did notice that when the Packers/Eagles played on MNF that the Packers were shutting down the Eagles in the first half and when the Eagles used the no huddle in the second half they took over the game.
    Viable option at times, it is fun to see the Colts use the no huddle O.
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    Re: Childress says no to no-huddle offense

    the colts are amazing at it because their coordinator gives peyton 3plays at a time and based on the defense peyton chooses the play and audibles to what he see's will be better... he is a genius and i wish tarvaris will be like that, but with a little more mobility!!

    Thanks josdin00

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