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    Re: Childress' restrictions chase out Joe Senser

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    I find it hard to believe that 2 alumni can speak for the team.
    Who are they anyways?
    You can choose to believe me or not, but I am not going to call anyone out.
    Lets just say they are respected alumni that are well known in the Minnesota community.
    If you wish to follow up on this any more, go talk to some of them at the Arctic Blast held at Mille Lacs this Feb and I am sure you will hear about it.

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    Re: Childress' restrictions chase out Joe Senser

    To be completely honest I didn't even know who the hell Childress was when I first heard he was our new coach. Then when I found out he was the OC of the Eagles I was just wondering why we hired him. It's not like the eagles were a offensive powerhouse. I thought for sure Wilf was going to make a run at a "big name" coach...well something else I was wrong about.

    i agree with Anderson...Childress sucks. My wife was laughing at me this year when I was watching the games because I would talk to the TV after seeing this offensive masterminds playcalling. Literally I would sit there and say...hmm 3rd and 9 with this genious it is obviously going to be a pass in the flat or a 3 yard curl
    or out. Oh and if it is 3rd and 9 inside the opponents 30 yard line it was going to be a run so we can get that field goal. Now I agree that a lot of thse passes were checkdowns but if you have to go to your checkdown recievers all the time you may want to consider changing SOMETHING!

    The frustration with this offense just built week after week after week and I just didn't understand why something else wasn't at least attempted. I loved those guys who were dressing like Childress in the crowd and by week 10 I was ready to let them call the plays.

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    Re: Childress' restrictions chase out Joe Senser

    "PurplePackerEater" wrote:

    Is there ANYTHING good to say about Childress?
    Well, he ran off Joe Senser--that's gotta count for something.

    I lost all respect for Sensor when he brought politics in to his color commentary in a game during the last presidential elections.
    A man who thinks it appropriate to bring his political views into the middle of a football game is far too stupid to work in such a public position.
    I mean, why alienate half of your audience during a divisive national, political campaign?
    Cripes, people watch football to get away from crap like that.

    Also, I'm real tired of hearing spoiled, lazy sports personalities (I hesitate to honor these guys with the title 'reporter', since they're not really news reporters as much as news makers) attack the character of coaches who won't do their work for them.
    Just look at the character attacks against Saban in the Florida press.
    Like Childress, Saban controlled access to his team and the local press hated him for it, and now they're trying to make him pay, much like Baby Joe and the local Mpls. media.

    Nope...I'm not going to miss him.
    "When you have fear, bad things happen."
    C. Fason

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    Re: Childress' restrictions chase out Joe Senser

    "Braddock" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    "Webby" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    [quote author=Mr Anderson link=topic=30334.msg517088#msg517088 date=1167666743]
    Zygi Wilf is the only person on the planet who is a fan of Brad Childress, I guess it sucks if your owner is as dumb as your coach.
    I haven't given up on Brad Childress yet.
    Does that make me dumb too?
    Or is
    everybody who disagree with your opinion of our head coach dumb?

    This "dumb" owner is committed to building a new stadium for the Vikings.

    I wouldn't call it "dumb" that you give up on an entirely new coaching staff after one season, but I would call it short sighted.
    If you like going from 9-7 with what everyone called an "idiot" or "oaf" of a head coach to 6-10 with a "disciplinarian" and ex-offensive coordinator, that happens to run the worst offense in the NFL and has the most penalized team the NFL, then maybe you are dumb.

    I don't mean to attack Zygi, I've liked him from the start, but if he can't see that Childress is destroying not only the offense, but turning the locker room against him, I don't know what to think.
    chill, would be dumb to continue calling others dumb.

    I'm just pissed about the complete ridiculousness of the past 4 and a half months we choose to call a season. I can not fathom how anyone could think positively of a coach whose offense did not work week 1, but chose to run it all the way through week 17 while making virtually no adjustments whatsoever. He has done close to nothing good for this team, there is no reason to back him, we had a solid foundation laid and he came in and destroyed it. He's the worst coach in the NFL.

    I'll stop insulting people on the boards now, but I won't stop insulting Childress or any member of the team. Sorry Nodak.
    Yeah hiring Tomlin and allowing him to impliment one of the best rush defenses in all time was horrible for this team. Bringing in Clutch pro's like hutch, Chester, and Richardson was embarrassing. Could he have done things better? Hell yes, but to say he destroyed this team is rediculous

    I wouldn't put too much stock into this.
    I think it was overrated because teams chose not to run against us.
    Our last game of the season helped show that to be true.

    A good rush defense . . . hell yes.
    One of the best . . . not convinced.

    "No Greater Friend . . . No Worse Enemy. U.S. MARINES"

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    Re: Childress' restrictions chase out Joe Senser

    "Mr" wrote:
    "VikesfaninWis" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    Zygi Wilf is the only person on the planet who is a fan of Brad Childress, I guess it sucks if your owner is as dumb as your coach.

    So would you rather have Red McCombs back? At least Zygi Wilf gives us the chance to win.. He goes out and gets the better players that will help our team, something McCombs never did..

    He is trying very hard to get the Vikings a new stadium, McCombs threatened to move the team out of state.. As I see it, Wilf is not dumb at all..

    The point being here, is that you don't give up on an entirely new coaching staff because of 1 bad season.. We as fans are all frustrated, but you will see many of us backing Childress, many of us wanting Childress gone, and the rest just are in the middle.. Myself, I am in the middle.. While I wouldn't want Childress gone after his first season, I question alot of what he does.. I say give him one more year, if next season is a repeat of this season, he will be walking..
    Not if the man with the money doesn't want him to go.

    The simple thing is, last year we took a big step forward, Childress came in, and we took 3 steps back. We're back to half a team, except now we have a defense, which can't even stop the pass, as opposed to the half a team we used to have, only an offense.
    Yeah well what did you expect? We have a new coaching staff. WOOP DEE DOO DAH!!!!! Tice managed a 9-6 after YEARS OF COACHING the same players. You bring a guy in who is green who is seeing these players up close for the first time and he has to make do with what he has, and it is a huge dissapointment he didn't match the results? How so? Kind of like Tices first year here? Get off his ballsack, and before you attempt to compare him to Tice you need to give him 3+ years of MEDIOCRICY just like Tice managed to give us all while running the same offense the Vikings had run for 15 years admited by Tice.

    So break it down.......A guy comes in has never coached these players, he doesn't know how they respond to critisizm, what makes em tick, tendencies, what have you. He is installing a new offense, a new defense, a new EVERYTHING.........he manages 3 less wins then a guy that was here as an assistant to Denny Green, knew his players, knew the offense, KEPT IT ALL the same, and somehow Childress failed? Fuck that.

    Sorry guys being able to use the draft once, and free agency doesn't make it better. You all make it sound like the guy could go down to player mart and pick out whoever he wanted to fill the gaps, that isn't the case. The argument is weak and washed up, and offers no sense of reality. WOW ONE free agency year of an owner who will spend money! Sifting through a group of players who may or may not have anyone worth a shit for your NEW system, a system you haven't even tried to implement yet and do not know how it will sit with your players....................WOOP DEE DO!!!!!!!

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    Re: Childress' restrictions chase out Joe Senser

    "singersp" wrote:
    [size=13pt]Coach's restrictions chase out Senser[/size]

    The Vikings radio analyst is leaving his position because of limits placed on his contact with the team.

    By Judd Zulgad, Star Tribune
    Last update: January 01, 2007 – 12:22 AM

    That sucks for Senser. I sure hope Childress isn't burning a bunch of bridges!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Childress' restrictions chase out Joe Senser

    I just sure hope this isnt a ploy because of the stadium problems to bail on us....

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    Re: Childress' restrictions chase out Joe Senser

    The alumni and the team have nicknamed Childress "Little Hitler".

    -Well that's promising.
    Wait, if there's cat food in this bag............................

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