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    Childress ranks #2

    Byrne's NFL head coach power rankings
    By Connor J. Byrne on July 18, 2006 05:00 AM

    Of the seven new HCs, Childress ranks second, behind Gary Kubiak (Houston Texans ) .

    2.) Brad Childress (Minnesota Vikings ) - Childress was the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia for the last four seasons, where he helped McNabb and the rest of the offense achieve big things. The unit fell apart on Childress last season, thanks to Terrell Owens' behavioral malfeasance and key injuries. As the newest Vikings head coach, Childress will have a chance to succeed immediately and quickly make the team's fans forget about Mike Tice, who was always an object of frustration in Minneapolis.

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    Re: Childress ranks #2

    How true, how true!
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    Re: Childress ranks #2

    Tice?? who is that?

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    Re: Childress ranks #2

    he'll be ranked 1 by the end of the year =)

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