you guys have done an excellent point of debating this on both sides of the "Play Calling" and "Player Execution" issues. I will add that I believe it was a combination of both.

On the one hand you have some inexperience players making some bad decisions and also simple drops/fumbles at critical times etc. That all goes on the players in my humble opinion. I never really saw Bevel open up the play book enough... with anything to difficult for T.Jack and the other younger offensive players...that I would say was to hard for them to execute. Most of our sets and play calls were very straight forward. This leeds me to the second point.

We were way to predictable in when we were going to run AD and C.Tay....and the O-coordinator was not able to shift gears and adjust to the defense quick enough. That is all on the Coaches. Example/Case in Point was against the Redskins...We didn't shift into a different offensive scheem until already behind by 22 pts.
The time to shift gears was after the safety being (at that point) down by 9.

I want/expect to see more out of Bevel next season and out of the offensive players. Both areas will need some improvements if we plan on being a contender in 08.
How do you beat an 8 man stacked box on first and second down....without play action or deep pass routes?? More options/better use of AD as a short pass receiver could be one option? I never saw him lined up as a slot receiver either this season. I'd love to see this with C.Tay in the backfield as another threat to run or as a blocker in this situation for T.Jack. In any case....creativity will be a key to success against the stacked box. T.Jack will also HAVE to be able to make some plays (easy throws) for these types of plays to work.

Keeping defenses guessing....back on there heels....wondering what's coming next.
Can we see that in 08. ?