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    Re: Childress' Press Conference.

    "AROD" wrote:
    Brad Childress has to be dumbest coach in the league... How many times can you watch your quarterback play like poo and then tell everyone after the game that it wasnt his fault.
    Every team in the league has recievers that drop the ball from time to time but they get more chances.
    It seams with brad that ours dont, he never throws to them..
    Chester could drop a ball here and there and we wouldnt even notice it because he get gets 10 balls thrown to him a game. And our offensive line has played fine, what do you expect from them.

    He also said in his press conference that he owns it to the team to play the best players he's got.
    Brad does not give us the best chance to win and i dont how he hasnt figured that out.
    We have the worst offense in the league and somehow that not brads fault.
    The guy is scared to throw the ball to anyone unless they are wide open...

    I have questioned every single move Childress has made since hes been the coach and now i know why!
    Our O-Line is fine? I don't think so. They have already given up 25 sacks & many hurries which have resulted in turnovers & penalties. McKinnie is getting beat on many of the pass plays & the right side is mediocre at best.

    I think it is one of the reasons Brad throws the short dump off passes so often. When you have been sacked 22 times, mostly from the blind side & countless hurries, I think it affects Brad mentally. IMO, he may have lost faith in being protected from the blind side & knows he needs to get rid of the ball quickly. Maybe to quickly for a good read of the field or waiting for a receiver to get open down field, so he takes the short higher percentage pass or the pass to the checkdown guy.

    Is there a stat out there on how many hurries Brad has had or how many knockdowns he's taken?

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    Re: Childress' Press Conference.

    He's not an information giving coach, he never has been and never will be. He says what has to be said and he moves on. He gives very little information and believes strongly in keeping issues in house.

    The fact that some of you are taking way more out of this press conference just because he didn't say what you wanted to hear, when he NEVER done that is laughable at best.

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