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    Re: Childress must Go!!

    "Mr" wrote:
    ...I'm gonna keep moving up the ladder of power, before you know it it's going to be god's fault, but for now I've changed to Zygi.
    ;D, that's some funny shit.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Childress must Go!!

    "patistheman" wrote:
    Thank you for the reply kramerguy.
    You are very right it does take a while to implement a new system.
    And i will have to admit sometimes Childress does make some great calls, and even some great calls consecutively.
    But for the most part it has been very poor and i do not agree with him putting in the zone blocking scheme at all especially when he went and signed the best active left guard in football in Steve Hutchinson who is a mauler, and to his left we have McKinie who is a mauler, and on his right we have Matt Birk who can maul people but also has made a great living doing alot of pulling.
    It is the wrong system for him to be putting in.
    Maybe the WCO is not a bad system but deffinitly the zone blocking system is.
    Maybe he could be a great HC if he didnt call the plays.
    I would be willing to give him a better chance if he gives that up to a decent coordinator.
    But if he continues to call plays especially they way he has been we are doomed.
    Great start Pat! Welcome! Couldn't agree more about the O-Line. I was really surprised how few times they were able to sustain drives with that group.They should have been way more dominant.

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    Re: Childress must Go!!

    Hello again..
    I've been out of comission for awhile thanks to lack of a computer and internet.
    I'm at my parents house for Christmas, so I'm able to voice my opinions again!!
    Prior to not having internet, this site along with were the only places I got my sports news..
    Now with my new courier job, I listen to alot of KFAN, so I'm able to keep up with the news part, although I don't see many games.

    I say give Chilli one more year.
    Sorry if anything I'm about to say is rehashed, I've only read the first and last pages of this thread.

    First, like the last few posters, the offensive line scheme NEEDS to change.
    PLEASE no more zone blocking..
    Hutch was great last year because Seattle had a man blocking scheme.
    McKinnie is huge and a mauler.. but is mediocre at best against a fast DE..
    Lets look into giving him help with a TE or a FB.
    Pull Birk some more.
    Speaking of which, congrats to Birky on the Pro Bowl berth!

    Chillie needs to stop calling plays and let a REAL offensive coordinator do it.
    He needs to concentrate on other aspects of the game..
    Like maybe learning to work with the media some more.
    One of the jobs of being a HC in the NFL is, really, be the face of the team.
    And when he snaps at the media consistantly, it gives the entire organization a bad rep.
    Ok, sorry, that was more personal than I wanted.

    I'm not saying drop the WCO, but lets do something more with it.
    I don't mind the conservative play calling.
    I really don't.
    I do mind getting only 3 first downs in a game.
    Or being the most penalized team in the NFL.
    Or how about, what, a total of 53 passing yards with 9 completions?
    I don't blame BJ or T. Jack for the lack of an offense.
    I blame the playcalling.
    3rd and long, and they throw for 3 yards?
    Randy Moss in his prime (meaning '98 Moss) would only get a first down 25% of the time!
    And for some reason we are supposed to believe that the Vikings current receivers are going to break a run after catch?

    Speaking of receivers..
    Lets fight for a few in the offseason, eh?
    Draft, free agent market, trades, I don't care..
    Lets just get it done.

    I could go on and on with the offense..
    but I wont.

    Defensively, it's bitter-sweet..
    I love the run defense..
    Lets keep it.
    I'm thinking one GOOD DB (Smoot should be gone next year) should help keep the DBs in good competition.
    Where's the Viking pass rush?
    Udeze having 0 sacks is an abomination.
    I don't know if it's the coaching or the personel, but the Vikes need to do something..
    I know James will be back next year, hopefully that'll spur on the rest of the DEs..
    Like Udeze and Ray Edwards (personally, I'd start Edwards and James next year).
    With the premere of Greenway next year, I think the defense really will make a step forward.

    If, by the end of next year, Childress doesn't have the Vikings in playoff contention, I wouldn't be upset if he found himself demoted or fired.

    I'm almost hoping that they'll lose to the Rams next weekend for a better draft pick..
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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