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    Re: Childress ho hum

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    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=40963.msg697068#msg697068 date=1198600034]
    [quote author=ultravikingfan link=topic=40963.msg697064#msg697064 date=1198599265]
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=40963.msg697027#msg697027 date=1198593319]
    [quote author=ultravikingfan link=topic=40963.msg696948#msg696948 date=1198566518]
    [quote author=Frostbite link=topic=40963.msg696946#msg696946 date=1198565055]
    [quote author=ultravikingfan link=topic=40963.msg696942#msg696942 date=1198564133]
    Football is a game of preparation and adjustments.
    Gibbs had his team better prepared.

    Yes it is....So where are our preparation and adjustments in the biggest game of the season??

    That's what made it so unbearable to watch happening.

    I am sure that the common person such as you find it hard to see.
    To me, Gibbs and the Skins were prepared better.
    You gotta believe that Brad had the Vikings prepared, but the game plan did not work.
    Just because the ajustments do not work does not mean they were there.
    Hard to prepare when you turn the ball over as many times as we did; just something you do not prepare for.
    At least you have a clue Hammer.

    To amplify your excellent point.....\

    Of course adjustments can't be made until you can see what they are doing against what we are doing. In this case a few quick turnovers and a few quick 3 and outs don't really give the coaching staff much to go on.

    If anyone really wants to understand how adjustments are made go do a google search and see why most teams script thier offensive plays to start out the game.

    I am to tired of trying to point it out to the mindless who don't seem to understand even the basics of the game and continue to spout/spew cliches without even understanding what the hell they mean.

    I rarely criticize the caoches or the game plan.
    Who am I?
    Jyst some fan.
    If I were so much smarter and football wise than the coaches I would be there, not them.

    It is all to easy to beeyatch and say what we should have done after we lost.
    Well no pooh Sherlock.
    Some people need to get with the program and actaully appreciate the smaller details of football that go unnoticed.
    I hear so many people saying we should do this and do that, ya think?
    Can't throw bombs all day long and have 11 man blitzes every other play.
    Adequately articulated.

    Gotta love the game for what it is.
    Yutz's just don't seem to understand that.
    Not trying to slam the Maddenites, but I believe alot of issues related to play calling come from the fact that alot of guys can do things on that game that are just not feasible (at least on a consistent basis) in a real NFL game.

    Again, not slamming, just an observation.

    Well...guess I am one of the "Yutz's" you mention then. Still two facts stand out from the Washington Game regardless of if you like Chilly ...other coaches....or anything else

    1. Our team saw this 8 man front for several games in a row and had no answer for it until the second half of the Biggest Game of this season. A lot of defenders here of the Coaching staff seem to have blinders on for this fact. It should not take 18 quarters for ANY NFL Coach or O-coordinator worth his salt to have a solution or several options ready to get results against this type of defensive scheem. OK...we won a few games against it....because we faced teams that had virtually no offense...Niners....Bears...Oh My!

    2. We remain totally predictable and have no imagination or creativity in use of our best weapons on the field in AD and C.Tay. Run Right...Run Left...Run Middle...almost always on 1st and second downs. I was hoping that we would see some changes early in the Washington contest....Let's see if anything changes at Mile High this week.

    I am not saying Chilly has done a terrible job all season. He's made some progress and done well in some games but his consistancy in appropriate game planning and player motivation seem to be issues at times. Laying the Goose Egg in GB is one example...I believe not being ready for the 8 man front against Washington was another.

    I will be the first to admit some players did not play up to expectations and made some critical errors with Turnovers. That aside the game plan and preparation for the Redskins was bunk.

    In my humble opinion anyways:



    We had a answer for it right away in the game.
    Dont you remember us trying to pass in the first half?
    I do, we had 3 turnovers in the first 8 pass plays.
    The only reason it worked in the second half is because the Redskins defense was on the sidelines cramping and up and getting dehydrated.


    Yes I do....but not in un-predicatble downs. It was the same old 1st and 2nd down running for the most part leaving T.Jack with 3rd and desperation mode....trying to make something happen...and then making bad choices and turnovers with INTs.

    We have been TOTALLY predicatble in when we are going to run and in what players we have on the field and the sets we use. No imagination until the 3 wide receiver sets in the second half of the Redskins game. Answer me this please....Why do we never see motion and shift with AD or C.Tay lining up in the slot as receivers.? Why do we rarely see any screens, picthes to the corners, passes to the flats to the RBs, or play action fakes to RB, and then coming back to them as they get behind the LBs??

    Even when a play the swing pass to AD last game for 17 yards...we never come back to it and force the opposition to stop it. T.Jack can make the easy..short...controlled pass, and should be doing this early in the games to build confidence for longer play action passes later in the game. This in turn will open up the running game for AD and C.Tay because the defense will have to also allow for the fact that we might pass on 1st and second downs.

    The point is this. A huge part of success in the NFL is keeping the other team back on it's heals not knowing what's coming next. After being down by 22 is not the time to start making adjustments and trying other tactics. If you and I watching the game at home...or in the stands know what's coming....don't you think the defense that gets paid millions of dollars to know has it figured out as well??


    Well said Frost. All these Childress apologists make me wonder why we cut a millionaire slack for not doing his job. I'm a fan. I want to see the Vikes win. If one coach making a mill can't do it, I want to see another come in who says he can. Same goes for the players. This is the game: MISTAKES FALL ON THE COACH. I could smugly lay my fiinger along side my nose and say Childress can't be held accountable for everything. Obviously he can't, but he must answer for everything regardless. That's what comes with the title HEAD. Any football fan could see the Vikes not only got outplayed by the Skins, but they got outcoached. Fans get to gripe about that. That's what this site is for. If the Vikes win, I like Childress. When they lose in an effort for which I think he bears a large part of the responsibility, I want to come here and gripe about him. I've watched football for 35 years and even coached high school football. This site is for venting frustration when a team I hold near and dear doesn't do well. That doesn't make me ignorant as to the complexities of football; it makes me a fan.
    So then you above all else should know that the coach doesn't always have the right talent on the field to win right?
    When your high school star graduated and you didn't have any talent coming up what did that do to your win/loss record? Did it make you a bad coach cause you had players that weren't quiet up to par?

    And if you've been watching the game for 35 years you should also know how things work with respect to how talent is put on the field for the coaches to coach.

    Most of us who "Defend" the Chiller aren't blind to how things work either and if you watch real close you will see that we blame him for alot of stuff, however, if he was given a better QB by the front office to run the offense you would be doing a hell of alot less venting I assume.

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    Re: Childress ho hum

    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    So what he is saying is the Vikings did not have enough talent when he was a coach to win even one of 4 super bowls?

    I would like to hear him name the weak link.

    He has always been a heroic figure to me but that one makes me wonder.
    I don't think he means weak link.
    The other teams were just better, if not overall, then on that "given Sunday."
    As I recall in one of the Viking books I read, Jeff Seimon claimed the team we had during the infamous Dallas Pearson push-off was the best of the Grant era.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    Edmund Burke

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