well the bottom line is, both guys resumes are more rooted in college than in the pros, and in most cases we have seen how that worked out.
and to be honest, our offense looks alot like a college system but not one of the creative ones, but like a nebraska team from like the 80s.
rogers, bevell, whoever, bottom line is childress was the so called "offensive cooridinator" in philly, having been a part of the development of mcnabb, and been a part of a team that went to nfc championship games, and a super bowl trip.
he was considered an offensive mind, and i'm sure has been as hands on with jackson more than any player, if not, not exactly good coaching.

yesterday is a perfect example of how his coaching can effect jackson.
if the end of that game, or for that matter many games, is how he manages the clock and thats who jackson is being taught by, how do you think that would affect his development.
to me it seems that even within the final 2 minutes of games, the coaches are still controlling too much of whats going on the field which is chewing up time, and not allowing a qb to go out there and just win it.
when elway or marino was leading their teams back from deficits, how many huddles or play calls from the sidelines were they waiting for?
and then factor in what the playcalls end up being when they actually come in, and any label he gets that has an offensive theme doesn't feel warranted.
this is something they should be practicing and be prepared for where everyone knows what they are about gonna do after each situation happens.
instead we look like we are sitting around most times waiting to be told what to do.
it aggitates me to no end.