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I don't think being named team captain means anything.
You will always have those players on the team that pump up the rest of the players and are the team leaders.
Having a "C" on your chest doesn't always mean something, BUT
I do like the idea that Chilly wants to recognize the best players from the week before.
The NFL has always had captains, but just never put a "badge" on them before. The "C" is just a way to make the faces, and leaders of your franchise more apparent. Because of that, I think moving the C around from week to week directly contradicts that. Yes, the C is nothing more than a marketing strategy. Moving the C around defeats that strategy.

With respect to actual team play, if the same players always pump up the rest of the team and are regarded as leaders, why not just
give them the C mark for the year? Having/not having a C on your chest should not change your role as a teammate, but it certainly can't hurt to be recognized for your leadership skills.

I will say that while I'm for putting the C on year long captains, you have to stick to that plan. You can't just switch captains midseason because that is kind of discouraging to the player who loses the C. I also don't agree with treating the C like a gameball, like Childress (I'm sure he i not the only NFL coach taking this approach) is doing, it should be more important than that. Having players vote on it is also pointless IMO. However, because Childress has established this tradition, he should follow it all season long.
That doesn't make sense.... who considers the leaders as leaders if not for the players? Therefore, the players should vote on it.... you slightly contradicted yourself there.
I didn't contradict myself. Players voting every week for captains is unneccesary. If you want to vote at the start of every season then fine, but I think you need some consistency with your leadership, and if you are changing captains every week because of player votes, that doesn't happen.