singersp wrote:
Marrdro wrote:

At the risk of getting the whole "White/Black" thing going again, Leslie is only getting invites for one reason. To satisfy the Roonie rule. For that, I feel sorry for Leslie.
Yeah, that's what people claimed when Tomlin was being interviewed when I and 1 or 2 others thought he would be signed away & we all know how that worked out.
The difference being that Tomlin is the one who installed the Defense. He ran it, and turned our D unit into a run stuffing juggernaut.

...nevermind that they couldn't stop the pass, pressure the QB, or make mid-game adjustments (All of which New England pointed out when they torched us)

Frasier, on the other hand, has simply carried on with Tomlin's scheme. The QB pressure is up - due to the Allen acquisition - but the pass coverage is still shoddy and the adjustments are still nonexistent.

For that reason I tend to agree with Marrdro that Frazier is more of a Rooney Rule interview than a serious candidate in most cases. If we win a Superbowl, Leslie gets bumped up to legitimate candidate, but other than that he needs a dominant statistical season in order to be a legitimate candidate.