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    Re: Childress ends talk of Culpepper

    "Prophet" wrote:
    "badbois" wrote:
    pep did nothing to be compared with TO. TO basically destoyed his team mid-season and was one of the biggest nightmares I have ever seen from a teamate standpoint. pep tried to renegotiate a crappy contract and as the starting qb wasn't even allowed the playbook he requested because the t of a treates everything like a national security issue!
    Not you again :roll: Aren't you the Culpepper/Moss man-love guy?

    Read this post that is based on quotes rather than blind comments.

    This is what he said:

    "It just became a deal where I didn't feel like it was the team, I felt like it was 'me,'" Childress said Monday about Culpepper. "I went through a big 'me' situation last year with a guy who was all about 'me.'"

    Put that in context with "Childress' comments from this excerpt:

    Vikings | Childress says Culpepper all about the money
    Fri, 17 Mar 2006 21:41:42 -0800

    Harvey Fialkov, of the Sun-Sentinel, reports in Friday's edition, March 17, of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, first-year Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress said what QB Daunte Culpepper was seeking was more money and lots of it. "Somewhere there is a buy-in factor. I just didn't think that was the case," Childress said. "Right from the beginning. As I mentioned, I never had a conversation with him about this football team. It was always about what he needed financially and money. I never heard team, I always heard me and I and, 'I need $10 million. I'm a $10 million-dollar-a-year quarterback.'"
    The comments may not have been wise, but were true. No team concept and wanted money. T-ho's attitude = Culpepper's attitude at that point.
    apparently all that fumblepepper saw in the word team..was the letters.. ME.

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    Re: Childress ends talk of Culpepper

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    [ I don't think many people realize how horrible Ted was for our team. People have a tendency to put it all on the players when the coaches are the most important people out there, definately the MOST important at the NFL level.

    Right on Del Rio. Someone else who agreed with me!
    Lombardis DEAD,
    Favrays OLD, the Packers SUCK,

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    Re: Childress ends talk of Culpepper

    Great thread, folks. Both about Pep and Harris.

    I agree about giving Harris a chance at MLB this year. I distinctly remember watching him in his rookie year in a later game on CBS, and seeing him rack up the tackles and thinking "Theres ANOTHER young stud defensive player, why the hell can't the Vikings get guys like this??"

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