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    Re: Childress discusses Jackson - Frerotte may start

    I am very afraid that if Gus starts this early in the season that he won't nearly be ready, and that we will see another Holy Crumble type of moment.
    Then, we are also not getting TJack the experience he obviously needs either.
    The question for me, is whether Gus opens up the playbook at this point or hinders it!!
    I am hoping and praying that Booty doesn't get any starts this year...he wasn't ready to beat third string vanilla in the preseason...that would likely be ugly.

    Down the road, if TJack's progress doesn't continue, we may let Gus drive the bus, my guess is he knows less of the system at this point than Jackson, and that's not a good feeling...but it cerainly seems that the offense needs a bit of a "spark."
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    Re: Childress discusses Jackson - Frerotte may start

    "Purplemania" wrote:
    "ragz" wrote:
    "Purplemania" wrote:
    Do you know why they havn't opened the playbook for TJackson? Cause he hasn't shown he can handle it. SIMPLE AS THAT. DONE DEAL.

    You walk before you run and Tarvaris needs to show he can handle what's being given to him first. Seriously, the guy cannot operate the simple slant/hook plays yet. He continues to miss his target and when he does go deep, overthrows and underthrows. Now I'll admit he does have some pretty passes too but what the heck do they mean when it's 1 in 14 passes?

    Do I want them to open up the playbook? Maybe...if their assessment is that Tarvaris is ready for it. Listen, these guys are constantly evaluating Tarvaris. They know his progress and they know what he can or can't handle. Remember when they told the media and all us fans that TJack wasn't ready to start and we all though they were hiding some golden secret to curing cancer by not starting the fellow? MAYBE, just maybe they do know what they're doing with this kid.

    Either way, something does need to change because the way the Vikings are playing right now is not cutting it.

    One more thing: Putting Ferrotte in is not going to "ruin" Tarvaris' career. He knows he's still a project and as long as Childress puts his word that Jackson is the future he'll be okay.
    well explain to me then why brad johnson, who i'm sure you would agree can handle a playbook, actually looked worse than jackson in his 14 starts in 2006?
    since childress has been the coach we've all been saying that maybe a switch at qb would help, and when they have we look identical and lose.
    call it what you will, but tavaris has started 16 of the 34 games childress has coached?
    so how do we explain being anemic in the passing game in the other 18 starts?
    none of our qbs have been gangbusters, but like i said all of last year, look around the league, bums get starts with other teams and are able to produce.
    even jt osullivan can have a 300 yard game, the first in san fran since 2004.
    but under childress our qbs can't even crack 200 yards.
    this is not a matter of him limiting the playbook, what we have been seeing since childress has been here is the playbook.
    It's hard to evaluate that because the team then is different from the team now. Serious SERIOUS talent difference. Also, Brad had the flabby arm ever. Guy couldn't throw beyond 15 yards. Pennington could laugh at his arm. Also, Brad Johnson was never a smart QB. He was never the type to call audibles and stuff. He simply managed the game and made plays when he had to. People make him out to be near Peyton Manning levels in terms of his smartness. If you Viking fans are young enough to remember his days with the Vikings, he just wasn't the type to audible and read x's and o's like nothing. Simply did what he had to do.

    Lastly, I'm not saying Childress is at fault. He defintely has a stake in here especially since he's the one who personally selected Jackson and is coaching him. But...let's be realistic. If Tarvaris could handle opening the playbook, they would open it up for him.

    One more thing. JT O'Sullivan is actually a QB. Tarvaris PLAYS QB. He's being molded into one. His mechanics, his mind, I saying JT is years beyond Tavaris in terms of QB awareness? Hell yeah I am. Probably 98% of NFL QB's are at the moment.
    are you talking about the jt osullivan who is a career 3rd string qb?
    isn't it amazing how someone can put up decent numbers when you allow them too.
    flares to petersen, screens on 3rd down, runs on 3rd downs, quick slants to unopen wrs aren't exactly allowing that.
    like i've said earlier, when was the only times we saw jackson given the reigns to make plays?
    the 4th quarter of the denver game and the 2nd half of the green bay game.
    was he perfect, no, but he showed he could move the team.
    besides that they are using him the way childress thinks we have to win, but it hasn't worked and jackson isn't being used as the reason, when the philosphy is flawed.
    look at a game like last night where teams were scoring early and often.
    under childress thats a game where we are down at half 20-0.
    we dont attack teams weaknesses on offense, we run the same offense week in and week out and are waiting around for the kick ass offense to kick in.
    or for petersen to rush for 250 and 3 tds.
    that's why you end up as 8-8 team.
    "self improvement's masturbation.
    now self destruction" that's enlightenment

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    Re: Childress discusses Jackson - Frerotte may start

    What a joke that Childress thought he could "turn" T-Jacks into McNabb. That is so idiotic. Do you bring in a raw talent and then "turn him into" a John Elway or Joe Montana ? I think not. McNabb is a very good QB right now.

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