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    Childress Addresses Media

    [size=13pt]Childress Addresses Media[/size]

    (UPDATED) 8/18/2008 4:19:00 PM

    By Mike Wobschall

    Update: Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress spoke with reporters following practice today and addressed a number of topics.....

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    Re: Childress Addresses Media

    Thanks for the read my friend.

    Sorry for the whole Question and answer on this one but there are some real intersting nuggest in there.

    Q: How much of what you do in the preseason from a defensive standpoint is result-oriented?

    A: If a team gets points you’re more analyzing how they got the points. What were you doing on defense? Were you doing some things that you would be doing during the regular season? You’re really evaluating personnel more than you are schemes, for the most part. I know in our case you’re doing some basic things because you’re working on fundamentals; you’re working on techniques. You’re not doing things that you might do from a game plan standpoint. For instance, Seattle, we didn’t watch any tape of Seattle before we played them other than the day before the game. The same with Baltimore. Now this week it will be a little more game-like, but we still wouldn’t put together some things that we might do during the regular season. So you evaluate more personnel and other factors. Are you tackling well? Are you running to the football? Are you playing at the tempo that you want your defense to play at? Are they understanding situations? You’re evaluating different things at this time of year.
    Even though I am aware that preseason doesn't mean anything and they are really focusing on the basics, I find it interesting that they wouldn't even game plan a bit but rather just focus on techniques/fundamentals.

    Not so much of a concern with the players cause I understand that, but rather, a question about the coaching staff.
    Why wouldn't they use all for games to work thier gameplanning and implementation processes and procedures? :

    A: I thought we improved from the first game to the second game. There were still a couple of things that we were a little off on. For instance, Baltimore broke a long run in that first quarter against our first unit where we got out of our gaps.
    We or who?

    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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