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Thread: Chiefs Fans??

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    Chiefs Fans??

    What do u guys think of the cheifs fans.
    Overall I thought they were alright fans...very loud during the games. Overall they were pretty good though.
    Except for that loser who ran onto the field, did anyone else see that???

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    Re: Chiefs Fans??

    They were wicked loud for an outdoor stadium. idk what your talking about with the guy who ran on the feild?

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    Re: Chiefs Fans??

    I was there when Dante Hall returned that amazing punt return against the Donks a few years back, the crowd was so loud after that my buddy sitting next to me, the bronco fan, said that he couldn't even hear himself think.
    Sadly we don't get as loud as we used to, an inept team can do that to a fan base.
    it s not a sport until someone gets hit.

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    Re: Chiefs Fans??

    I think the fans were amazing and I had a wonderful time! The guy running on the field was too funny because he ran 80 yards before anyone even TRIED to stop him! The all just stood and watched! Arrowhead gets LOUD too for being outside! I was HIGHLY impressed with everything (except the game!)


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    Re: Chiefs Fans??

    Arrowhead and the fans have a reputation for being loud.
    You have to score early and keep the Chiefs down to neutralize the noise.

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