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    Re: Is Chester Taylor getting tired?

    With the way we've been overusing him, I wouldn't be suprised.
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    Re: Is Chester Taylor getting tired?

    I think he is getting tired. We use him ALL the time. Didnt he have like 28 carries last game? Hes the only good player we use on offense. Because of that they use him all the time. The Oline rarely makes a big hole for him to go threw, he gets hit about 10 times on every play. I dont know how he even walks away from the game, except he must be in supurb shape.

    You guys can keep throwing out all the numbers and stats ya want. Fact is, its not working. Making excuses for every game and how close the games are is getting old. Childress has to pull his head outa his ass and fix things. If the Oline is pathetic, mix thngs up. Try different recievers like last game. Only 1 dropped pass. He stuck with Twill till last game and it bit us in the ass. Now that our receivers aernt dropping balls we go to the next excuse, turnovers. This week the excuse will prolly be our secondary. The HC has to figure out whats wrong and try and fix it. Not stick with it causes your stuborn and its your game plan. See if BJ can throw the ball 40 yards or so and if he cant, see if Brooks can. Open up the offense so Chester can run.

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    Re: Is Chester Taylor getting tired?

    "singersp" wrote:
    Posted on Fri, Nov. 24, 2006

    [size=13pt]Is Taylor getting tired?[/size]

    Chester Taylor, his teammates and his coaches insist he isn't running low on fuel after 10 games, but his diminishing rushing totals tell another story.

    Pioneer Press
    What gets me most about this article is it is just a bunch of gibberish thrown together to meet the deadline...not that most article aren't that way.
    Jensen predicates the article on the two fumbles from last week.
    One was a nice strip by J. Taylor and one was a boneheaded fumble.
    Dalton even said, "Dalton said after watching replays of Taylor's fumbles, fatigue was not the primary reason behind the fumbles."

    He then pulls this quote out from Salisbury:

    "Chester has never had to shoulder the load, and I know he says he can, but there comes a point in the season where you hit a wall," said former Vikings quarterback Sean Salisbury, an analyst for ESPN. "If you're training for a marathon, and you run three miles a day for three weeks, then try to run 15 miles, you might be sluggish when you get to mile nine."
    I thought these stat crunches were interesting:

    In the past four games, Taylor has 40 carries for 158 yards (3.95 yards a carry) in first halves. In second halves, he has just 34 carries for 93 yards (2.7 yards).

    Those figures counter Taylor's seasonlong trend. Although he is a modest 14th in fourth-quarter rushing, with 180 yards, according to STATS, Inc., Taylor is fourth in the NFL with 458 second-half rushing yards. He averages 4.2 yards a carry in the second half, as opposed to 3.6 yards in the first half, according to STATS, Inc.

    In addition, Taylor averages 4.5 yards a carry on runs 11 through 20, as opposed to 3.7 yards on carries one through 10.
    The interesting stat to me is that he is #6 on the charts for yds rushing.
    He has 221 carries this season so far.

    Other RBs?

    Larry Johnson 282
    Edgerrin James 222
    Chester Taylor 221
    Julius Jones 213
    Thomas Jones 212
    LaDanian Tomlinson 210
    Rudi Johnson 205
    Ronnie Brown 202
    Tiki Barber 201
    Willie Parker 200

    Chester is right in the range of many backs in the NFL for attempts.
    Are any of them tired?
    The question is retarded.
    Would you be tired if your job was to run down the throats of a bunch of defenders averaging around 300lbs and their job was to kill you?
    Probably, but that has no bearing on reality.
    He is an RB in the NFL on a team that runs the ball.
    CC, you allude to stop throwing stats out there when the stats say that the run/pass ratio is close to 1 for all the first and second down plays this year and it falls off to 1:3 R:P in the third down....ignore the stats if you want and use your made up numbers if it makes you happier.

    So, if you think you know more than the people that are in constant communication with him:

    Dalton said Taylor has impressed him with his durability. Bevell said he and new running backs coach Eric Bieniemy closely monitor Taylor throughout the week.

    "Each player is different," Bevell said. "Coach Bieniemy has a great feel for Chester, and he's always in constant communication with me and coach. Then we can make a determination from there."
    You live in a bigger fantasy world than I do.
    Where is it, I want to join?

    Yes, the woes exist.
    C. Taylor is no more tired than any of the other RBs carrying the load and he is also only an injury away from riding the pine just like every other RB in the league.
    It's a brutal job.

    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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