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Thread: Chester Taylor

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    Re: Chester Taylor

    I do believe that we have the best running back tandem in the NFL. Even better than the running back tandem in Jacksonville, Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. It makes sence since the Vikings had the most rushing yards last year, while the Jaguars had the second most.

    Also, I believe that we have one of the best o-lines in the NFL. Hutch is the best lineman in the NFL, McKinne and Birk is at least in the top 10 at their positions and Herrera and Cook improved a lot last year.

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    Re: Chester Taylor

    Its going to suck without Mckinnie this first half of season if not all of if we trade him. He i think has to go. He has been a trouble egg so to speak. I love the guy but he finds bad spots to land his bad booty. He needs to buy some one who has brains to take his jiggly butt home when he is being stupid. And yes we should have the best tandem int he NFL no doubt with Taylor and AP ( I put Taylor in first cause he was here first.) Jaguars shuold be second but then you have to add the Seahawks in there now with their additions of J Jones and
    whom they are going to all keep. They just got interesting in their running game.
    I am THE #1 Sidney Rice #18 Fan ever! Don't Be surprised when this kid IS a superstar! He is humble, smart, tough, talented and has alot of character! Takes alot of pride in his work, team, fans and life. Watch out for this kid! I think he is awesome! Everytime he touches the ball its MAGIC!

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