:angryfire: It doesn't suprise me a bit that Red would be playing these games. I really think there could be some merit to adubyas information. I'm sure that everyone remembers the Mike Kenn (spelled his name wrong???) Fiasco with the trade for Hershel "I can only run out of an "I" formation" Walker. This Mc Combs stuff sounds very much like Deja Vu. On another note, I have some reservations with Fowlers purchase of the team. Mainly due to the inconsistancies on his bio. It may be a small "ooops!" on someones part but, does this kind of thing turn into a pattern of lies to everyone involved. I also heard that he has several lawsuits pending against some of the companies he ownes, so will he have enough money to run the team? I think it is very fair that their finally be minority ownership in the NFL. I just don't want it to be at the cost of my team. Was'nt there mention of Chris Carter becoming involved with a purchase of the team at one time? ukeright: