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    check out this poll


    "If loving the Vikings is wrong, I dont wannabe right"

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    check out this poll

    What were they thinking that would have been my vote also.

    It is different if you have these cases:

    Rice - over the hill and wanted too much money(SF)

    TO - couldn't afford his contract and were going to unload both the QB and WR(SF)

    Emmitt - we want youth and new direction, and you are at the end of your career(DAL)

    Montana - old and we want new direction, YOUNG blood(SF)

    But in the case of Moss, he is neither old or asking for too much money.

    We are not getting what he is worth. We are definitely not saying he is not worth paying. We are just saying we are getting rid of you.

    That is just Crazy!

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    check out this poll

    Its over with...move on...Moss was a trouble maker...And they finally had enough of his crap....

    By Pack93z

    "Success is the ability to go from one failure to the other with no loss of enthusiasm"-Sir Winston Churchill

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