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    Cheap Red drops the ball again

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    "PurpleRide" wrote:
    I don't care who buys the team, both men have noted that the team will not move. Fowler has stated that he will do what ever he can to get a stadium built with or without any public money. Taylor hasn't said anything so far on that. I just hope that if fowler buys the team, we don't have a bunch of red-neck fans who won't watch the team anymore because fowler is black. We already have a problem with these people saying daunte sucks mainly because he is black. If anyone thinks this way, just jump the boarder and hang out with packer fans. This is Minnesota, not wisconsin

    If it turns into a racial thing (which I think is ridiculous and will not happen) I would be very shocked and upset! I don't care who buys the team or what color they are, as long as they have a deep check book!
    Anyone who thinks Culpepper sucks because of his color better stick to watching bowling. I think that's a predominantly white sport. Hockey is too...but they're in lock-out.

    There are people of every race, color, creed, religion, and orientation who piss me off - people who desperately need to be slapped silly. But the ones who believe it is BECAUSE of their race, color, creed, religion, or orientation are the ones who head up my list.

    I don't give a rat's butt what color the players are, what color the coaches are, what color the owner is, or what color the fans long as they are all committed to winning, and putting forth maximum effort in the quest to win a Superbowl. They can be friggin' green space aliens for all I care.

    Sorry to sermonize, but that stuff really pisses me off.


    Now, if it was a WOMAN...well THEN we'd have a problem.

    (I'm just kidding about that woman thing :lol: )


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    Cheap Red drops the ball again

    I second that, Caine!

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    Cheap Red drops the ball again

    [size=18px]RED SELL THE TEAM[/size]

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    Cheap Red drops the ball again

    Here Here Cain!

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