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    Chaos hasn't hurt team in free agency

    Chaos hasn't hurt team in free agency


    Pioneer Press

    Ownership is changing, and the coach is the subject of an NFL investigation into Super Bowl ticket scalping.

    But that hasn't stopped the Vikings from being one of the most successful teams in free agency.

    Go figure.

    "It shows you a funny thing about football players," coach Mike Tice said Wednesday at the NFL's annual meeting in Kapalua, Hawaii. "Stadium issue, ownership sale, my contract, da, da, da, but we still have guys wanting to come play for the Minnesota Vikings 'cause guys want to win. … I don't know that we struck out on any player that we brought into the building that we wanted. I mean, we had guys that we didn't offer contracts to that wanted to come."

    The Vikings have signed five free agents since the NFL shopping season opened March 2 and added two more players via trades.

    That has made the past three weeks a little easier for Tice, who wouldn't discuss the NFL's ticket-scalping investigation during Wednesday's media session but offered a glimpse into how he's dealing with it.

    "I can only control what I can control, and that is every day get your (rear) up and make sure you enjoy going to work," Tice said. "And if you don't, don't do it. … Don't fool yourself, don't ruin your family life, don't let down the coaches who are counting on you. Certainly, don't let down the players who are selling their hearts and souls for you."

    There is no timetable for the end of the NFL investigation, but Tice, who faces a possible fine or suspension or both, said he is trying to look ahead and stay positive.

    "Has it been tough?" he said. "There have been moments. (But) I get up in the morning and I like what I do, I like my staff and I've got a lot of guys in that building that have my back."


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    Chaos hasn't hurt team in free agency

    He's got a point.
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    Chaos hasn't hurt team in free agency

    I've got Tice's back!
    Even babies know the difference.

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