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    I have had many replies as to why the Vikings will and should keep Daunte Culpepper. One that i have seen alot is that you can not imagine anyone else as QB for the Vikings. well I am here to tell you that players come and go the only loyality in the NFL or any pro sport for that fact is the almighty dollar. Players will come and go owners and coaches come and go! Sometimes a player needs to be traded just to get "new life" with another team a hero one year a goat the next it is the nature of the game. I still believe a QB must first and foremost be a leader! I as of yet have not seen Daunte step into that role. After five years in the NFL if your starting QB is not a leader on the field then he probably never will be! I say trade him if the price is right! That also goes for any player on the team. Team chemistry is a tricky thing and is very hard to get it just right that was one reason why Chris Carter was let go. It takes more than just being a star whith good numbers the things that go on in a locker as well as on the field are all noted by the players. We as fans do not really know what goes on "inside" with a team. There are and will alwas be personal feelings involved!So change is also part of the game.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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