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"VikemanX84" wrote:
I can't believ with a good 10 seconds left Tice decided to wait until 2 were remaining and call teh time out. Settling for a field goal. That was the stupidiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. There is no good reason for doing it.
We have one timeout, and 10 seconds left. A fieldgoal makes it a 1 score game. We could take the time out, and take one shot into our endzone, but our offensive line has been a sieve all half. If we get sacked, there's no way we get the ball spiked in time, and that would give all our momentum back to the home team. A field goal may be the safe and unpopular play, but it gives us a little momentum going into halftime in a tough stadium to be the visitors. A shot to the endzone would make our fans happy, but the upside is small, and the potential downside is huge.

I'm just fine with how Tice played it at the end of the half. I think that we as fans make the mistake of always assuming that the play we have designed in our head would always be successful, and the coaches are stupid for not thinking of it. Who knows what would have happened if Tice went for the endzone there. We'd probably be screaming for his head because he didn't take the safe play to get us within one score.

"VikemanX84" wrote:
I also couldn't believe that on 3rd and 33 he took a time out to keep from losing 5 more yards. What does 5 more yards matter? And then after wasting the time out, he doesn't try and get the first down. 5 yards wasn't worth that time out.
Yes, but calming our team down, so they don't make the situation worse, was worth the time out.

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I agreed with Madden that we should have just let the Colts score to give our offense time to come back. I mean, c'mon, they are the #1 Red Zone teama dn by that time they were inside the 30, well within Field Goal range. Just them score! We weren't going to stop them, we didn't stop them.
We had the chance to stop them, and make them kick the field goal with time left to drive for a field goal of our own. We missed tackles, and they got the first. Then, all they did was take a knee. They weren't even trying to score, so how could we let them. If we let them score a TD earlier, then we have to drive the length of the field, instead of just to the 30. No, you try to stop them there every time. They may get the field goal, but if you stop them, you have time on the clock to get a fieldgoal of your own.

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Also, Ted Cottrell and Scott Linehan need to go after this season. We've still got Robinson and Campbell, we need to take shots and stretch the freaking field.
I frequently saw Daunte look down field when he had time, he just never pulled the trigger. Our guys weren't getting open on the plays when the O-line actually blocked.

"VikemanX84" wrote:
As for Cotrell, he turned a medicore defense, with a whole shitload of potential to be top-10 into one of the worst defenses I have seen in the vikings in a couple years. [snip] Cottrell doesn't blitz enough. Chavous and Russel are really good safeties, and Williams and Winfield can hold their own against pretty much any set of 2 WRs in the game. Take a chance and blitz a friggin' safety, and if you're not going to blitz the linebackers please at least have one of them cover the underneath guy.
You eluded to it yourself; the linebackers are missing assignments. That's why we can't blitz a safety. Let's see what happens this week when he gets Claiborne and Smith back. But it general, I think what will help this defense the most is continuity. They've had a different coordinator, and a different scheme every year for the past four years or so. If we can keep the same coach on defense for a couple years or so, I think you'll begin to see some vast improvement.

As for Linehan, I've heard quite a few interviews with Daunte where he credits linehan and his schemes for turning him into the QB his is this year. That alone makes me want to keep him.

Basically, right now is not the time to be calling for your coach's head. Unless, of course, you root for the orange and teal. Let's wait to the end of the season, take a look back on what happened, and decide then, when we have some cooler heads. Right after a loss is a bad time to make that kind of decision.

And anyway, firing Red is a much bigger priority.
lol, sorry man our offensive line wasn't that bad. If Daunte was in trouble he can throw the ball away. It would be super hard to get a intenional grounding in that situation being so close to the goal line. And we have a really good Oline, just put a RB on Feeney adn we would have fine. That was one fop the stupidest thigns I have ever seen a coach do. I don't really care about field goals, we were playing the Colts, our defense wasn't stopping a damn thing, it was a much mroe risky decision to kickt he field goal in the long run. especially when, barring some horrible turn of luck like you discribed we would have had a chance at a FG anyway.

2. You can calm your team down after the penalty! We didn't need to rush the play, and it didn't matter anyway we were still going top punt, basically we traded a Timeout that could of won us the game (having 2 tiem outs and 10 seconds, we definitely would have gone for the TD, if we had made it, we would have been 4 points ahead of them, not 3) to give a punter a few extra yards.

3. Sure we had a chance. But we also had a much better chance of scoring a TD in the first half, and that chance was small, I mean teh Colts offense is aweesome in enemy territory. we should ahve let them score.

4. Yeah, it happened a couple times. But c'mon, it was obvious we didn't run more than 2 or 3 deep plays, when we should be running 2 or 3 a quarter.

5. Blitz the Linebackers then.