"Ltrey" wrote:
Nope. I am saying it now....and I hope I am wrong but it's how I feel....we have no shot at a Super Bowl this year.

Our defense and our running game is probably strong enough to get the Vikes over the hump and into the playoffs, but they will be ousted in the first round. Tarvaris just will not play consistently enough (or well enough) to take the Vikings anywhere. Oh, and Childress is still a bad game manager, IMO.

I hope I'm wrong, and I hope they go out there and dominate the league, but I have serious doubts.
Agreed, I think we will make to the playoffs and make a run two years from now.
Either with Jackson, or Booty (I wanted him drafted since last year) at the helm.
I don't think Childress as bad a game manager as he was his first year.
There were a lot of good plays that were dialed up that just weren't executed.