"VikingsTw" wrote:
Greenway did real well this year, if can get stronger its only gonna help his game, thats the biggest complaint I got with Greenway. Too many times guys are able to fight through his tackles. Of course we are all a little spoiled with EJ's naturaul strength.

This was a very good draft pick, high character guy who works extremely hard. Not all guys approach rehab the same way but knowing Greenways work ethic and motivation he came back and had a really nice year. Not easy to do, especailly since he was basically a rookie.

I'm with you Marrdro I hope Rufus comes back strong. Now that DT is gone he was be relied on.
I agree, he missed a few more tackles than I thought he would and occasionally was a step slow in coverage. But that is holding him to a pretty high standard for his first year playing.
For the most part he did very well and is likely to get better with experience.
We should see better short zone pass coverage if we can get more pressure from the line and less blitzing by the backers.
We are pretty thin and I also hope for Rufus to pan out. But I also liked what I saw from Farwell in preseason as well.