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    CC on dodgy ground?

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    CC on dodgy ground?


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    CC on dodgy ground?

    Carter is rapidly running out of options on where to go. He now seems to have brassed off the Rams who have cancelled any further talks til after the weekend. Miami are now hinting they never thought that they're a serious option and were just being used as leverage and even Cleveland and Carter are not in agreement at this time.<BR>
    Much as I like the guy he is rapidly burning bridges, especially given the voiding of his contract as 'wanting to play for a SB contender'. Now it seems that money is the only driver for him and in that way we won't see him back here as the Vikes might not want to pay what he is after.<BR>
    I'd offer him a years contract on league minimum with some performance incentives. He could then help whoever we get in, as no.2 receiver to Moss get ready for a SB run the following season.<BR>
    Is there anywhere else he could go ? most teams are shying away from some of the older players in FA so his options may be limited. I could even see him having to retire as that might be the only way to save face, especially with the Purple faithful<BR>
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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