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    Oops sorry Collins was with Raiders under Norv. When I think of Kerry Collins I think of Giants because of the whipping we took under Collins in playoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rage4Order View Post
    Your leaving out the good one just to point out the crappy ones.
    Kerry Collins under Norv for 2 yrs.
    7254 yds 41 TDs 32 Ints. Nothing Great but then again were talking about Kerry Collins.

    Troy Aikmans 2 yrs under Norv 92-93
    6545 Yds 38 Tds 20 Ints while throwing a career low of 6 ints in 93 and his career high in rating.

    Phillip Rivers 2007-2012 under Norv
    24,355 Yds 176 Tds 83 Ints..

    Do you guys notice a little trend about each of these 3 Qbs that had their best years under Norvs offense. Each one of these 3 qbs had strong arms and were pocket passers. Not to mention each one of these offenses were near the top of NFL. With exception of Giants under Collins not sure on where they ranked those 2 yrs.
    First off I looked at QB's Turner had while OC, like he is in MN, not HC since his days in Dallas, which was over 20 years ago when the game was different than it is today.

    With that said;

    Collins was already playing about at that level before Turner entered the picture. The 4 previous years prior to Turner he had 14,500+ yards, 73 TD's & 50 INT's. He averaged a 2.8 INT %. Under Norv that average went up (3.0%), not down.

    Rivers was playing great before Norv even entered the picture. In 2006 he passed for 3,388 yards, threw 22 TD's , had 9 INT's & an INT% of 2.0.

    Again, under Norv that INT% went up (2.7%). He averaged 28 TD's & 14 TD's per year.

    Turner was Aikman OC from 91-93, not 92-93. You'll get no argument out of me that Aikman improved under Turner, but again, that was over 20 years ago, not in recent history. Aikman was the exception, not the norm. Since then, you'll see his QB's getting more yards, more TD's, but that is due to him having his QB's throw even more passes attempts than their prior years, not because he took a turd & made him a star. The INT% has gone up on the QB's mentioned outside of Aikman.
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