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    Re:Can't wait

    resaaconso wrote:
    Hey Guys,

    Thought Id drop in and see what Viking fans were saying about the game. Im a 55 year old geezer, Pokes fan since before I was born. I could hear Momma screaming KILL HIM BOB! from the womb. (Bob Lilly, that is. She had his poster up on he wall, in her sewing room, back end of the double-wide).

    This is the second Vikes site Ive visited. Wow, theres a whole lot of you guys. Didnt know there were so many people in Minnesota. Its amazing how many people hate our Pokes. Course, weve known that since Tex made up that Americas Team thing. Yall knew he did that behind the scenes with NFL Films right? Landry fumed a bit over that, but Tex was pretty sharp.

    Actually, very few of us Pokies (we call ourselves Pokies, btw) actually HATE other teams, like other fans hate the Pokes. Strange how that is. The Vikings have always been one of my favorites in fact. I remember watching Fran Tarkenton. What a guy. Gutsy. I bet theres thousands of scrawny short kids hes inspired to do great things. I put him right up there with other greats, like Joe Kapp, Montana, Idaho.

    I see yall dont think so much of our new owner. I have to say, I think hes very much misunderstood by those of you on the outside looking in. Couple of guys I hang with do beers with him and some of the gals (cheerleaders). Sure, he gets some bad pub every now and then. Hes hired a criminal or two, looks a bit like Michael Jackson after all the face lifts, comes off as a bit of a sleazebag whod sell his momma to Somalian Pirates for a third round pick... but hes really not a bad guy. He does quite a lot of charity work around town, and after all, its not uncommon for the seraphic to mingle with the carnal, if only to expose them to virtue. Thats just the way we think down here.

    Its also pretty astounding how many Vikes are still to this DAY, literally, still talking about Mike Lynns Herschel Walker for that plethora of draft picks trade. I read in SI a couple of years back, that the Anthony Spencer pick, had actually been traced back to that very trade. Surprised the freaking heck out of me. So, if Spencer manages to knock out Farves dentures, guess yall can go egg Lynns house or something. If hes still in-country. I bet well end up trading Spencer one day. End up with another pick in 2040, compliments of Herschel Walker.

    I also have a favor to ask. As you might have surmised, I havent got much of a life, given that Ive spent probably 15 minutes writing War and Peace to a bunch of stranges on a Viking Fan Wire. Im divorced, work too much, pay half my paycheck in child support, and my roof leaks. I need a vacation. A GOOD vacation. The Mother of All Vacations actually. And I was wondering if one of you gentlemen could give me the name of the Cruise Line that yalls team had that umm... party... as it were... on. Id sure appreciate it.

    Before I go, I thought Id offer up my prognostication for the game this weekend. I have quite the reputation at work, btw, for my prognosticating ability. They call me Nostrildaumus in fact, in reference to my slightly less prolific predecessor of a similar appellation. Id like to give yall my best pick of the weekend.

    What I see from the Viking side of the game goes something like this... Brett is finally totally fed up with Brads meddling, brings in a ball-bag full of duct tape, wraps him up and stuffs him into the K-Ball locker. He ends up throwing 60 passes, 47 of which are intercepted. Peterson falls asleep on the sidelines, but nobody notices until the third quarter, when Bretts pacemaker fails, and hes carted off the field. Providentially, Bret has forgotten to tape up one of the assistants, who rushes Peterson back into the game. Yall stuff it into the end zone twice. Point total: 14 Thats the good news.

    Bad news, quite a few of Bretts interceptions are turned into points. In fact, in a historical first, the post-game news conference is held two minutes into the fourth quarter, during which Romo announces that Gisele has dumped Tom, and theyre to be married in the spring. A child is conceived, is born on Christmas Day and christened Roger Romo. He becomes yet another Hall of Fame QB for the Pokes. Oh, and on Sunday, the Pokes score 35 points, leading up to Super Bowl Championship banner number... umm... lost count...

    PS: After the game, Brett adopts Brad and officially changes his name to Mr. Noodle. They live happily ever after.


    Cheers from Texas, guys, enjoy the game.
    Nice post.. Well written considering the trailer trash background. :laugh: I think the pokies are going crash and burn. Romo will fall back to his interception ways of earlier this season. The Vikes are just not going to lose at home this year. Vikes 38 Cowgirls 20


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    Re:Can't wait "4" Sunday!! Predict how we WIN!

    How can I predict the way we win if we're going to lose?

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    Re:Can't wait "4" Sunday!! Predict how we WIN!

    I am pretty sure the Vikings will win 41-13 ... that is why I am not even going to watch the game.

    I am going to go take in a show in the city with my wife and kids.

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    Re:Can't wait "4" Sunday!! Predict how we WIN!

    Been talking about this all week here. Had a dream. Really. Vikings 44, Cowboys 10. Talking crazy sh*t too. Oh well. They had better win, or I got some 'splaaaanin to do, as one of my Sgt's put it...LOL
    Tuco the world.....

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    Re:Can't wait "4" Sunday!! Predict how we WIN!

    I see something similar to the Ravens/Patriots game. Only the home team wins. While the Vikings may be favored by Vegas, the vast majority of "experts" are picking the 'girls. The team feeds off of this and goes wild.

    Vikings start off with two quick scores, the energy at the dome causes a near explosion, and the Team never looks back. Cowboys try to play catch up. Vikings 38. Cowgirls 17.

    SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re:Can't wait "4" Sunday!! Predict how we WIN!

    My predictions: Early lead tells all

    * If the Vikes get a early 2 score lead, the cowpies will implode... 30 - 10 Vikes win, Dallas TD in scrub time.

    * If the Vikes maintain a small lead 3-7pts, the score will go high exchanging scores 27-24 Vikes win.

    * If the 1st quarter goes scorless, both D's will dominate the game. 17-14 with the cowgirls failing to tie it on a last second FG... kicker sucks and Romo is holding.

    * If the cowbutts have a small lead, they play strong and the Vikes will have to play their top game to regain the lead. Game comes down to a final MN drive, down by 3 or 7. If by 3 Vikes score a TD, if by 7 it's OT. Coin toss wins

    * If the crapboys get a early 2 score lead, they will continue to play with confidence and only something like a big scoring TO or long AD run will turn the tide. If not, cryboys don't cry, 31-17 cowdungs.
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    Re:Can't wait

    Jereamiah wrote:
    Been talking about this all week here. Had a dream. Really. Vikings 44, Cowboys 10. ...LOL

    Great dream! I had been thinking it would be a several TD spread for the Vikings as the savvy vet leads his team to an early lead that snowballs the Vikes to the championship game!
    "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein

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    Re:Can't wait "4" Sunday!! Predict how we WIN!

    I have a feeling this is gonna be a nail-bitter.

    Vikings 35
    Cowboys 30
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re:Can't wait "4" Sunday!! Predict how we WIN!

    Any ideas on the other games? Don't recall when there were so many of the "Experts" totally disagreeing on the games. I haven't heard a single one picking the Jets, even tho they have that crushing run defense. Then again, look at what the Cards did to the "Other" crushing run defense, and you gotta wonder just how big a deal that is. This is one of the most interesting divisional weekends I can remember.

    Guess I'll prognosticate on those too.

    I went against my better judgement last week, and picked the Pack over Mr. Warner. I'm gonna stubbornly go against my better judgment again this week, and go against the Saints. The Cards are just about the most bizarre team I've ever seen, but dang, Warner is just a freak. N.O. has no pass rush, not very good against the pass, and I see that going 38-21 Cards. But OMG Breeze throw a purtty pass. I don't think I've EVER seen one of his balls that wasn't a perfect spiral.

    Tell you what too, we live close to the LA border, and i can sometimes get their local sports talk on the radio, and those fans know their football. Got our own local DJs beat to a pulp. It's Football Football Football. None of this baseball or basketball krap. It's Saint Football and nothing else. Oh, and they don't mind talking up the other teams too. Unlike our myopic Houston guys, who never talk anything but the Texans.

    Colts are dismal after a bye, and the Ravens D is looking like a rabid dog, with Ray Lewis (obviously on the juice) leading the pack. As usual, the Colts run D is suspect and the Ravens should have punked them earlier in the year. But, with Flacko and his O-line hurting and Manning in his prime, and probably in a POed frame of mind listening to all the one and done krap, I'm thinking a Colt blowout, 30-21.

    And the Jets, Bolts. This is the one game where there seems to be a universal concensus. Ain't heard one talking head pick the Jets. But SD is just one of those teams that for some reason, I just can't see taking that next step. I admire Rivers for his fire, the SD special teams could step up and give them the edge, if they need an edge. Rivers could beat the Jets blitz, and torch them for a gazillion points, but I just have a feeling that the Jets are going to pull this one out. Cram the ball down the Bolts gullet, hold onto the ball, force Rivers to dink and dunk down the field and win a squeaker. 24-21. Unless of course, Sanchez turns back into a Rookie, like Flacco last year, and coughs up a fur-ball to give it away.

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    Re:Can't wait

    marstc09 wrote:
    Hard to predict. This game goes where our OL takes us. If they fail, we fail.
    Totally Agree! Most importantly is the ability to establish the run so play action is most effective and does not allow the defensive ends to tee off!

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