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    Can you imagine?

    "TheHumanComa" wrote:
    "ADubya26" wrote:
    I think we could have done most of this with keeping Moss.
    No way , the cap space provided by getting rid of Moss gave the team enough room to beef up the defense. With Moss still here we may have been able to sign one good Defender and then hope they pick some rookies ready to start right away from the draft. i didn't like it at first but now i'm lovin' it. Except Moss and the Raiders are looking pretty good too.
    Are you kidding? The seventh pick is gonna cost similar to Moss in cap room anyways, not quite the same, but Jesus we had 27 million with him still around, the cap HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT

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    Can you imagine?

    You guys are fooling yourselves if you think these FAs want to come here because they would love to play for the Vikes. They want to come here because we have the most cap space and know we are in need of their talents at that particular position. They think they can hit a big payday, that is all they are worried about. Plaxico wanted to come here to get big money and the ball thrown to him; Gardner same thing. DD wants to come here because he knows we desperatley need help at safety and we have a huge amount of cap room. So don't think these players are saying how great Minnesota is because of their love for the game or this team, it is the love of money that draws them to us!!!!!!

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Can you imagine?

    What a difference a year makes. can't say I agree with the changes ...but I will always root for the horned warriors

    [size=24px]GO VIKINGS[/size]

    Hope all of you are doing well
    Lombardis DEAD,
    Favrays OLD, the Packers SUCK,

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