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    Re: Can/Will the Vikings make the Playoffs

    Missing some valuable study time.
    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.
    --John Wooden

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    Re: Can/Will the Vikings make the Playoffs

    Quote Originally Posted by "Mr Anderson" #1083137
    Quote Originally Posted by "NeoVikesTX" #1083093
    Packers lose to the Lions! Rodgers out with second concussion of the season. They have @ Patriots, Giants, and Bears left to play.

    We have Giants, @ Eagles, and @ Lions. Assuming we win out, we would own the tiebreaker on the Giants due to head-to-head. So that would mean us and the Saints get the wildcard.

    Obviously we need to keep winning, but it could happen!!
    Wouldn't we also need the Giants/Eagles to lose out?

    If we win out we're 9-7.
    If the Packers lose out they're 8-8.
    The Giants already have 8 wins, as do the Eagles.

    So even if we beat the Giants, Eagles, Bears, and Lions. We need the Giants or Eagles to lose out, finishing 8-8.

    Or am I missing something?
    Pack must lose out no matter what AND
    Tampa must go 1-2 no matter what AND
    Giants or Eagles now must lose out except Giants vs. Packers
    And that's the only way...

    Basically the next big problem (besides winning out) is Giants beating the Pack followed by the Bears beating GB the next week.

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    Re: Can/Will the Vikings make the Playoffs

    I already posted this on the eliminated??? thread so here is the short version of what needs to happen. If you want to read more on my reasoning check the other thread.

    Vikings - Win Out
    Packers - Lose Out
    Eagles - Lose Out
    Bucs - Lose Out/9-7

    Week 14
    Giants @ Vikings - Vikings

    Week 15
    Bears @ Vikings - Vikings
    Packers @ Patriots - Patriots
    Giants @ Eagles - Giants
    Lions @ Bucs - Lions

    Week 16
    Vikings @ Eagles - Vikings
    Giants @ Packers - Giants
    Seahawks @ Bucs - Seahawks

    Week 17
    Vikings @ Lions - Vikings
    Bears @ Packers - Bears
    Cowboys @ Eagles - Cowboys
    Bucs @ Saints - Saints

    This all has to happen with the only exception that the Bucs can win 1 of these games and go 9-7 and the Vikings will win the tiebreaker with the better conference winning percentage. The Vikings will also win the tiebreaker with the Eagles because of the head to head win.

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    Re: Can/Will the Vikings make the Playoffs

    So if all this were to happen, then the playoffs would look like this?

    NFC South: Falcons
    NFC East: Eagles
    NFC North: Bears
    NFC West: Who cares

    #5 Wildcard: Saints
    #6 Wildcard: Vikings

    Teams that miss the playoffs: Giants, Packers, Bucs.

    And not sure what the Eagles have to do with anything. I have them slotted for winning their division, and if we win out (which means we beat the Giants) and have the Giants ONLY beat the Pack for us, then we both end up at 9-7 and we have the tiebreaker due to head-to-head.
    Go Vikings!

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