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At this point I'm just hoping that we get all our rookies signed in time! I don't wanna be a few games into the season working on getting them signed still like what happened with McKinnie
Not to mention almost with Kevin Williams last year...two holdouts in a row was embarassing. But this year it shouldn't be a problem since our draft went pretty smoothly...it was good to see them take care of Mewelde nice and early...shows they are on top of things.

By the way, anybody see the Fantasy Football sourcebook? They have Daunte as the top rated QB for this season and of course Moss is top rated WR. Projections are based partly on the Vikes running game being much better with a healthy Bennett and deep backfield.

Actually, we signed kevin williams rather early last year. You might be thinking of onterrio smith. He was a holdout for 2 days I believe, thanks to his agent screwing up. He actually reported to camp on the first day, thinking his agent had a contract for him.

As far as the cuts go, I expect us to make a huge run at Trotter. Although it is very early still, claiborne isn't healing as fast as expected. After what happened to us last year with bennett, don't expect us to take a chance that he does heal in time, and not sign any LB. I also think Cottrell has a hand in a push for another LB. He loves to mix in the 3-4 here and there, and we would have a good 4 LB's with another addition. We could create some serious havoc, on passing downs, by going to a 3-4. We would have Hovan at DT, kevin williams and big K at DE's, and trotter, EJ, Dontarrious and claiborne or nattiel. That would be a very aggressive and dangerous front seven against the pass. Any one of those LB's could blitz from anywhere. I really think that this is a reason why we are taking a serious look at another LB, that and the fact that we are so damn young there, besides claiborne. I sure hope me make a quick push for trotter, like we did for winfield.
Because we moved down two spots in last year's first round snafu, Kevin Williams agent held out arguing that Williams should be paid as the 7th pick instead of the 9th. Obviously it was worked out, and it wasn't anything like McKinnie, but the situation was still embarassing.