"WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
"JellyBean2144" wrote:
I don't know. I was thinking that we were going to beat; the Bills, the Packers, the 49ers, and the Dolphins, and we lost!! So, I don't know any more. I just show up at the games or watch the games on TV, hoping that we play well. This team is a freaking mystery, wrapped in an enigma, tied by a puzzle, and topped off by a riddle.

I have been a Vikings fan for a loooong time, this is the most confusing team I have ever been around or seen.
I agree with you 100%.
I don't even know what to think anymore, if I wasn't such a die hard fan I'd give up.
I have always had a positive attitude about this team, and I always have hope but my hope is starting to dwindle.

Hope springs eternal!
There's always next year!