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Where are the 2012 'LA vikings' going to play? The stadium won't be ready until AT LEAST 2015.

It would be a lockout, not a strike.
Lockout= owners
Strike= players
Ummm have you look at our stadium issue?
Ummm, have you?

Dayton's comments were some of his strongest on a new Vikings stadium, an issue that is likely to again face legislators starting in January. The team, which has played at the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis since the early 1980s, has said it will not renew its lease there when it expires at the end of next season.

Dayton's comments also came a week after Republican legislative leaders, who will assume a majority in both the House and Senate in January, expressed support for addressing the issue at some point during the upcoming legislative session. In speaking to reporters Monday, Dayton said much of what happened regarding the stadium next year would depend on the Legislature's new Republican leadership.
Is it finalized yet? Didn't think so.
The new governor hasn't been sworn in, nor has the new legislature. But they are making more positive talk about it than anyone has made in years - and you're bitching.