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Thread: Camp in Mankato

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    Camp in Mankato

    "Yahoo Sports" wrote:
    [size=14px]Vikes Signs 4-Year Mankato Deal[/size]

    Viking Update Staff -
    April 30, 2004 at 12:37pm ET

    The Vikings completed the groundwork set a couple of months ago by signing a contract to keep their training camp headquarters in Mankato.

    The Vikings agreed in principle to continue to run training camp out of Mankato two months ago. Thursday, ink went to paper as the Vikings and city officials signed off a four-year agreement.

    At one point, it looked like Mankato might not get the chance to host its 40th training camp, as amid talks that the Vikings were losing up to $1 million a year by keeping training camp in the southern Minnesota town, other offers began coming in.

    Listening to the other offers, especially from one outside of Minnesota, had a backlash effect. Legislators turned on the Vikings and the talk of taking training camp out of state died quickly and the Vikings and Mankato city officials quickly hammered out an agreement.

    The contract calls for the city to make improvements and offer more revenue generating events so the Vikings can recoup some of their expenses.

    The contract is a four-year deal, but the Vikings have an escape clause after one year. However, that is viewed as an unlikely scenario, since the incentives given to the city are fully expected to be met that would preclude breaking the contract.

    [size=10px]FRIDAY NOTES
    * Look for first-round pick Kenechi Udeze to get about a $5 million signing bonus with his new contract -- roughly half of what the Vikings paid Bryant McKinnie two years ago when sitting at No. 7 overall.
    * If the Vikings aren't active in the post-June 1 phase of free agency, don't be surprised if the team uses its approximately $13 million in available cap room and make Udeze's signing bonus a roster bonus much like Antoine Winfield . In that case, the entire bonus would go off the books after the 2004 season, as opposed to being spread out for the length of the contract.
    * The Vikings drafted Ohio State's Darrion Scott , who now has a lot of teammates trying to make their grade in the NFL. A total of 14 Buckeye players were drafted last weekend.
    * Coach Mike Tice is out of town this weekend. As is his custom, he's attending the Kentucky Derby and giving thanks to the horse racing buddy who set up the private plane to bring Winfield to Minnesota.[/size]

    I found this on Yahoo Sports today. I guess the Vikings will be training in state for the next few years. The MN legislators no longer have that excuse to keep them from getting a stadium. So, all of you MN residents, has there been any news about the stadium legislation? We don't hear much about it here in Illinois.

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    Camp in Mankato

    it's going along like anything else in politics. slooooooowleeeeey.....
    "ted nugent called. he wants his shirt back."-george clooney, ocean s eleven

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    Camp in Mankato

    I think politics is really messing up the Vike's push for a new stadium. The main argument is that the Metrodome is not that old. Thats like saying running Windows 95 operating system is not that bad for a computer. Sure it works, but times have changed. :idea:

    I think hoops and baseball fans may argue with this, but I think that the Vikes are the #1 sports team in Minnesota. They should be allowed to compete in such a way to make the team profitable - no one gets into business to make a loss.

    I sure hope the Vikes get a new stadium. I would love to see the designers come up with another stadium that gives us the 12th man advantage. I believe the Indy colts are the only other team (and maybe St. Louis) that have as much of an advantage at home with the crowd noise.

    I am also very interested to see the performance of the new indoor grass that they have at the dome this year. I wonder if that will allow our speed guys, Moss and Campbell to outrun defenders as they have in the last couple of years.

    My vote would be for a new stadium ASAP! :cheers:
    A Viking Fan(atic)

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    Camp in Mankato

    the grass should be broken in by the start of the season, from the few twins games i've been able to watch it looks really nice..

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