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Thread: C-Pep to Miami?

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    C-Pep to Miami?

    anyone watchin Around the horn, i heard there lookin to trade for daunte, doesnt make sense to me...

    Saban is a run first minded coach, and mularkey being your offensive coordinator GOOD LUCK..


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    Re: C-Pep to Miami?

    Ain't happenin
    Zygi Zagi Zygi Zagi Oy Oy Oy!!!

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    Re: C-Pep to Miami?


    Someone is gonna blow up! ANOTHER PEP THREAD!!!!!

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    Re: C-Pep to Miami?

    Some like to have a dozen or so of the same topic. Roll with it, randomly click a thread and get the information.

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    Re: C-Pep to Miami?

    I was watching ESPN earlier today and I heard Oakland. This is retarded!

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