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A new coach and an old QB have the Minnesota Vikings on the move

Bob Kravitz
November 3, 1986

In one corner of the Minnesota Vikings' practice facility, there is the rope climb. Across the field there are the parallel bars and the monkey bars and the chin-up bars. In the woods, weeds are beginning to grow over the fitness and running trails.

These are remnants of an earlier, un-happier time, notably 1984, when coach Les Steckel turned the Vikings' training camp into a mean-minded boot camp, and the team finished a depressed and disillusioned 3-13.

Last year Bud Grant returned and put his deer feeder back up in the boot camp. The mood began changing and things got a little better—for one thing the Vikings' record improved to 7-9. Grant has left again, but the deer feeder is still there, and the restoration is continuing under new leadership, although Minnesota's new leader is really an old leader.

Head coach Jerry Burns, 59, was the team's offensive coordinator for 18 years before getting the overdue call to command last winter. "Jerry is the best thing that ever happened to this team," says Keith Millard, the Vikings' right defensive tackle. "The attitude is great."