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    Re: Burleson has hops!

    "Vikes2611" wrote:
    "PurpleTide" wrote:
    Nate has a 42" vertical leap and will be just as much a threat in the red zone as M Robinson.
    Nice! I didn't know Nate could jump that high...

    I think a lot of vikings fans didn't know that he could jump so high. The reason being, he was never asked to, so far in his viking career. With Moss and M-Rob being so good at going up and getting the high balls, Daunte never really threw any jump balls to Nate. Nate was more of the possession guy, who Daunte pretty much never tried to force the ball to, if he wasn't open.

    We will get to see a lot more of Nate going up and getting the ball this season, with him as our #1. I have no doubt he can be every bit as effective as Robinson is in the Redzone. Nate has great body control and I think he has the edge over robinson there.

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    Re: Burleson has hops!

    "V-Unit" wrote:
    I leapfrogged a 6-1 friend of mine, made it over him but botched the landing. I fell from about 9 feet in the air on my left shoulder on solid pavement. It hurt but I wasn't anywhere near sober so I just shook it off.

    So I guess if you are going to try it be drunk in case you fall wrong, haha.

    If a guy who is piss drunk can do it, you can too!


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    Re: Burleson has hops!

    I don't think it's a matter of how high Burleson can jump, all I know is that he is awesome!!! He has defnitley taken over as my new favorite player and I will for sure be sporting a number 81 jersey this year. Can't wait to see that stiff arm of his again!!

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    Re: Burleson has hops!

    "muchluv4smoot" wrote:
    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    "Del Rio" wrote:
    You know what I really like about him, the guy can block like a truck. That's refreshing on our team. If anyone wants proof of who blocks and who used to run around like a victim of chronic wasting disease watch the highlight film on the homepage.

    While you are checking out his blocks, look at his YAC, and his TD's. Watch him willingly going over the middle. A well rounded guy who brings a lot to the table.

    Oh and apparently he can leap skyscrapers.
    Watch that film again. Burleson only gets one knockdown block, and is involved in less than a certain other receiver, who simply isn't heavy enough to knock anyone down

    Please note who sealed Al Harris and pinned Darren Sharper on the Moe TD in the playoffs

    But this is a moot point. My Nate Burleson jersey is on order.

    Dude, have you ever given Burleson any props? :grin:
    I LIKE Nate Burleson, I just don't know if he can carry us to a Super Bowl.

    And I want to see him jump with Ronde Barber in the red zone on opening day. Then he'll have my confidence.
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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    Re: Burleson has hops!

    damn, I miss Cris Carter's hands...
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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    Re: Burleson has hops!

    not many receiver can carry a team to the super bowl

    that comment was ridiculous

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