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Thread: bull@#$%

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    "dan3ski" wrote:
    Well what the heck that must mean I can got out and punch some one and walk away scott free!
    You pretty much can...on a football field, that is...or do like Pedro Martinez and take down a 74-year old man.

    Seriously, there was a court case where some football player tried to sue for some cheap shot on the field...I don't remember the details, but the court ruled that the player assumed the risk when he stepped on the field that something like that could happen...that case is used in law school to illustrate the legal concept of "assumption of the risk"...I think that it was a Bengal player or he sued the Bengals...but I don't remember...too much beer in school or something like that.

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    Dammmmmm I miss all the fun Shoot it looks like quite a few folks got into it man It must have been great... maybe that is why they call this a team sport ....I think the folks who DID NOT get involved should be fined....hey someone has to cheer for the Blood and guts stuff....
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    Well, now I'm at least a little relieved to know that some of the Bears were fined as well. Interesting that the guy who made the hit didn't get fined.

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