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    Bud Grant says Super Bowl more than a game

    [size=13pt]Sid Hartman: Grant says Super Bowl more than a game[/size]

    Even in Bud Grant's time with the Vikings, preparing for the NFL's showcase event was a balancing act between the game itself and all the other commitments.

    By SID HARTMAN, Star Tribune

    Last update: February 1, 2009 - 7:38 AM

    The Super Bowl is today, and who better to ask about it than Bud Grant, who took four Vikings teams to the NFL's showcase game?....

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    Re: Bud Grant says Super Bowl more than a game

    Quote from Bud:

    "There's a lot of [media] people there that you don't know that you're dealing with, from other cities and other towns and other teams whatnot, and they'll ask redundant questions and dumb questions and they'll ask repetitive questions. You just have to put up with it; that's all part of it. You've got to do it in good nature and try to get through that part of it...
    Wow, what a surprise.
    You would never guess that from reading the articles.
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