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    Re: Bud Grant: “I hated training camps”

    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    Grant had as few as four assistant coaches and never more than six. The current Minnesota coach, Brad Childress, has 22. “One for each player,” Grant noted.
    I never remembered Bud having so few coaches. Amazing isn't it?
    You got to remember, back then players weren't jumping ship all the time for more money via free agency. A lot of the players were "lifers" unless they were traded.

    You didn't have to re-train or re-coach players back then year in & year out because they were returning to the same team they playedon the year before.

    Nowadays, with teams having more & more new faces year in & year out, the requirement to coach/train these new players from different teams as well as the rookies has increased, thereby increasing the number of staff required.

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    Re: Bud Grant: “I hated training camps”

    That is what I am talking about

    Thanks PurpleMafia

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