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    The Broncos are to blame for this.....

    The Broncos are to blame for this whole mess. Tice was
    so hyped up, calling the Broncos the best team in foot-
    ball, that after we beat them the team thought that they
    had arrived. Their egos as well as their heads must've
    swelled up so big that they started reading their own
    press clippings as to how good they were. Heck, our
    very own excoach Green had them ranked as high as #2 on
    his power rankings. Look how the mighty have fallen.
    I guess the Vikings thought that everybody would be
    scared of playing them so they figured that they wouldn't
    have to tackle, or hold onto the football, or even coach
    as hard as they had before. Four weeks later we realize
    that every week you had better bring your A game; because
    if you don't you're going to get beat. Now we're in
    danger of missing the playoffs altogether not to mention
    losing the division to that other team. It feels good
    to vent....
    Peace out....[!]

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    The Broncos are to blame for this..... Home of Disillusioned Vikings Fans World-wide

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