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    Bring on the Giants!

    We better beat them this year but i do seem a little scared of this game. They got beat by the lions which was bad anyway since the lions stay on our heels but these guys have taken us out two years in a row at home here in the dome and it is time to beat their asses down. They also ended our dreams of a superbowl. :angryfire: Piss on the Giants, they need to get beat this year. Barber is a threat to us and so is Warner so we need to be ready for this game.

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    Bring on the Giants!

    If we play D like we did today, I think we have it. Barber will have a good game as usual, but we have to get Warner on his ass early and often. I think its going to be a great game but we win with an erupting Minny home crowd. GO GET EM VIKES!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

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    Bring on the Giants!

    Where is that smack talking Jints fan that posted here earlier this week...probably hiding out after that A$$whoopin' that his team got today...LOL

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    Bring on the Giants!

    We took one starting QB out, wouldn't you guys love to see Manning (whiner) struggle in the Dome?

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    Bring on the Giants!

    theres only one manning im worried about, and hes 2 weeks away.
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    Bring on the Giants!

    ADub is right we got to smack the sh*t out of warner. Put his ass on the ground a couple times and he cant do sh*t.

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