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Thread: Bridgewater!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mac D View Post
    Teddy Bridgewater really couldn't throw a spiral in HS.
    Or was it the 8 bit recording?

    Eyes down field throwing deep on the run. As raw as this is I believe it show good instincts especially on ball placement.


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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mac D View Post
    Teddy Bridgewater really couldn't throw a spiral in HS.
    Peyton Manning still can't, but he always seems to throw to wide open WR's.

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    TB was WORTH pick 32, Spielman obviously learned his lesson with Ponder. Men of his stature and standing usually have a VERY hard time not repeating the same mistakes over and over until they get it "right" (see also "lucky").

    Barr early on was a LB that many were split over before Mack became the dominate perceived player that he is, and Anthony just never left the #9 position on our draft board. I'm ok with that. It was a crap shoot, in my opinion, for us to get Manziel; mainly because of Turner didn't seem to thrilled about the circus. Many if not most of you are thanking God right now we didn't get that #22 pick, I know. But there has not been a single down of football played, let's wait for the trial by fire before we make any firm decisions on the kid. I'm more worried about Josh Gordon than I am with JFF. Chris Carter said the Browns need to release him to help him, maybe he is going to take the CC route to recovery?

    But as I've said even before the draft, I trust our coaches and GM. They see our future in TB, so I fully accept that and have moved on. In the end, I'm a life long fan that counts on our coaches to make the right decisions while I opine debris from my word hole.
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