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    Brian Williams out for the opener?

    I don't believe the Patriots head coach is the best in the game, but to each his own.

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    Brian Williams out for the opener?

    I do know that the Cowboys have a good team and they are coached very well, but can there offense score as many points as our offense i dont think so, as long as we play well on specail teams and dont give up any returns we will be fine. If i was a cowboy fan i would be concerned about that running game they havn't been able to establish and going up against EJ, Claiborne, and that D line i think i would be shiting my Pants. Guys lets not forget that Claiborne is healthy and he is F$%^#$% beast, last year he inked 98 tacles, 3 sacks, and 2 INT's, he played hurt for like 4 games and was out 4 games he's an all pro, he's a play maker, I'm very exited to see him back and healthy, and back in action. I think some people are forgeting about him, hes not injury prone hes put up big numbers, and hes still young at 26.

    One of the other resons i'm so confident is becasue this viking team(which there are many of them left) rise to the acation when playing better competition. We can go all the way we just have to learn to win against those oponents who we underestamte. Tice needs to get these guys to understand the importance that this is the NFL and on any given sunday shit can happen.

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