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Thread: Brian Williams!

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    Brian Williams!

    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Brian Williams!

    Have we found an answer to the circus at defense? No combination has worked, but today with rookie Williams in playing aggressive ball, and Chavous sliding to safety, we seem to have found a good cover man and a guy willing to take on safety responsibilities with reasonable effectiveness. It came on a good day, true, but exciting nonetheless. Anyone else?

    And Culpepper critics: there is still a big problem and it is his consitency. We saw today a portion of the Good Pep, and some of the bad Pep. Clearly Pep is better than Bouman all around. Bouman would've been eaten alive on many plays. Lets rally with Pep and give him the confidence to overcome his damned fumbling and loosey goose hands and interceptions. Good game, guys, way to rally against a somewhat talented team on a juggernaut run with refs kissing Favre's tailpipe all game. We say: hit him. Its a part of the game for any QB. He is not a protected class over other Qbs, even if Madden would like him to be.


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