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Thread: Brian Russell

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    Brian Russell

    Good points made by everyone, but I have to agree with Hawgski. I could really use a 27% raise, but I don't think that is being offered EVER!! If he's as good as he was last year, he'll get his pay day, wether it be from the Vikes (hopefully) or another team.

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    Brian Russell

    Personally I don't think Russell is even guaranteed the starting job. Tice has made it pretty clear that he is not 100% sold on Russell. That is probably the reason for the short term contract

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    Brian Russell

    "Purplebleeder" wrote:
    With Winfield being a "Shut Down" corner on the other side, Brian will gets LOTS of opportunities to show us whether or not last season was a fluke.

    One thing I LOVE about Brian is that he really LOVES to hit people. Any reciever that grabs a ball in his area knows that he is around (provided he does not give them too much room - I agree he needs to improve his open field play), but if he is close, the receiver knows he is around. We have not had that kind of a hitter since...Joey Browner?

    Hey Purplebleeder, are you talking about brian williams or brian russell? Brian williams is our #2 CB, but we are talking about russel, our safety.

    I realize he did have a good year last year, but I agree that he didn't deserve big money yet. He still has a lot of work to do on his game. He did seem to be a little lucky last year, and be in the right spot on tipped balls. I think this small contract will make him work harder, to show every team in the NFL, that he desereves a big contract next year. If he does have a good year, we will have to pay him a lot more than we would have in a big contract this year. He isn't a sure thing, to have another good year though, so I agree with not giving him a bigger or longer contract yet.

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